About Us

About Us

Halcyon is focused exclusively on absentee owner home care.

We are a full service company able to provide all aspects of home management to you. We have built long lasting relationships with some of the top service providers in the area and are dedicated to passing that confidence and value on to each of our customers.

Becky Stallworth and Sissy Cobden have been in the home care business since 1998. Starting in the cleaning industry, we have spent the last 22 years helping others care for their homes in the Lowcountry. We began Halcyon Home Services with goal of filling the need to provide quality absentee owner care.

Halcyon is an absentee home management company focusing on the maintenance of second homes/vacations homes for absentee homeowners and their guests. We currently manage about 60 homes on the islands.

We are committed to providing a stress-free lifestyle for our absentee homeowners; giving you complete peace of mind during short or long-term absences. We offer a wide variety of home management services, with an emphasis on exceptional service.

Our mission

As our name states, Halcyon Home Services is dedicated to providing peaceful and tranquil absentee owner home care to our customers.

What is a Halcyon?

The Halcyon is a bird of classical legend that has it that the halcyon has the power to magically calm the waves when it landed on the surface of the sea. Thus the word became synonymous with peace and tranquility. The bird is also associated with carefree, joyous and prosperous times.