Frequently Asked Questions

Is Halcyon Home Services a chain or a national franchise?

No, Halcyon is a locally owned company and operated by Sissy Cobden and Becky Stallworth who are lifelong members of this community. Since the 1990's they have been devoted to providing excellent, personalized customer service.

What is the advantage of hiring Halcyon Home Services?

Halcyon is a very personalized service with special attention paid to each home and homeowner. Halcyon is very detail oriented and we pride ourselves on our communication. Nothing concerning your home will go overlooked.

How will I be updated about my home?

After each inspection, your home manager will personally email or call with updates about your home and any new findings.

How often will my home be inspected?

Halcyon recommends weekly house checks. However, we'll be happy to discuss other schedules.

What if there is a problem with a service provided by a contractor hired through Halcyon?

Because Halcyon uses trusted contractors there is seldom a problem. However, should a situation arise Halcyon will guarantee your satisfaction.

How do I pay for my service?

We have a resident portal that you create a login for and can access all billing info through. We accept all major credit cards or personal checks. Statements are sent out monthly and checks are due back to us by the 10th of each month. Down payment may be required for large projects.

For housekeeping, how do you charge/quote?

Typically, our housekeeping is done at our hourly rate. We quote based on how many hours we think it will take to be completed.

Do you provide your own cleaning supplies? If so, what do you use?

Yes, we provide our own supplies. We use mild products that are safe on the surfaces at hand. We also are happy to follow any product guidelines provided by owners and are happy to use your products if you’d prefer.